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Amp Neutron (Disc Nation 1st Run Amplifier)
Ape Champion - 1st Run Star Stamp
Challenger Silver Z - 2003 World Doubles
Nuke SS Elite-Z - 1st Run
Stevie Ray Bomb

This Amp has Austin TX written all over it. With graphics based on vintage and modern guitar amplifiers, this Amp appeals to plastic fanatics as... more

You know you want it! Innova's limited edition Champion Ape is here! The Innova Ape is a super-long driver designed for power throwers. Similar to... more
Chalky & Sticky

The Challenger is a slightly over-stable mid-range that is excellent as a long approach disc. The "Silver Z" Challenger is a limited edition... more
Super Sweet 1st Run!

The Nuke SS is a modified version of the Nuke designed to fly less overstable. While the big boys who bomb Nukes already may find this a tailwind... more
Our price: $39.99

Our price: $59.99

Our price: $39.99

Our price: $39.99

Blunt Driver - Out of Print
Buzzz Elite-Z - ColorSHIFT (2014 PDGA AM Worlds)
Impact ESP - Ace Race + Mini!
Aviar Driver Champion Glow - 2010 Beyond the Lights
The DGA Blunt Driver is a great long range putter, designed by the Father of Disc Golf, Steady Ed Headrick. This disc features an ergonomic quick release grip, and classic "Rings of Headrick" micro-grooves on the dome! This disc is not longer produced and... more
Get Shifty

This limited edition Buzzz is worthy of the 2014 Amateur World Championships. Take this color-shift disc into the sunlight and watch it change... more
The Discraft Impact ESP is neutral-flying driver that is great for high-accuracy tee-shots or long approaches. Players in the 2007 Ace Race, where this disc debuted without a name, know that this disc is very versatile. In fact, we're celebrating this... more
Attention Big Bead Aviar Fans - Your new putter has arrived! The Big Bead Aviar is a modified Aviar Putt & Approach disc that has increased stability, making it a great choice for long upshots, hyzer putts, or putting into a stiff wind. This particular... more
Our price: $29.99

Our price: $49.99

Our price: $39.99

Our price: $39.99

Envy Proton - Watermelon Edition
Four20 X-Link (Medium)
Prometheus Liquid (1st Run)
Roc Classic Champion
The Envy Proton is the second disc to get the popular Limited Edition Axiom Watermelon stamp.
The Envy has a smooth modern feel that fits in the hand perfectly, lending confidence for both putt and approach duties. The Envy exhibits reliable high-speed... more
Bob Marley Throws The Four20

Vibrams most overstable disc to date, this disc can handle all the power you give it, will consistently fight any headwind you throw it at, and... more
D'Prometheus Unchained

The Prometheus is a high speed driver that has the glide of a fairway driver and predictability of a midrange. The Prometheus is also the first... more
Collector & Thrower Classic!

The Classic Roc golf disc is a small diameter putt and approach disc. Out of print for a while now, but still a favorite. Most of ours have that... more
Our price: $69.99

Our price: $89.99

Our price: $49.99

Our price: $99.99

Barracuda DX - Out of Print
Ghost Pinnacle Edition (1st Run)
Huge Old School Diameter

The Barracuda is a huge diameter disc that has been out-of-print for many years. This old-school classic is a slightly under-stable distance driver... more
This 1st Run Pinnacle Ghost has a unique double stamp with the Legacy discs logo stamped over an image of a Ghost. These are limited in quantity so grab one quick!
The Ghost is Legacy's first midrange disc. It looks a lot like a Roc, but we find it more... more
Our price: $49.99

Our price: $69.99