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Using the Power Grip
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Using the Power Grip

Using the Power Grip

We often have new players come into our store or call us with the same request — “Help me pick a disc that will go farther.” Invariably, our answer is the same: It is not the discs you are throwing, it is the way you are throwing them. Since most players throw backhand, we will dissect 2 fundamental components of the backhand throw that can easily add 50% to the distance of a typical new player’s throws. These are the Power Grip and the X-Step (or scissor step).

Getting a Grip

For whatever reason, most people learn to grip a Frisbee ® by curling three fingers under the rim, and leaving the index finger along the outside rim. While this is most comfortable and can provide you with a feeling of greater control, this grip will rob you of serious distance on your throws. To achieve maximum distance, disc golf pros recommend using the Power Grip for backhand throws.

With the Power Grip, the player curls all four fingers (index finger through pinky) under the disc, pressing them against the underside of the rim. The thumb is placed on top of the disc (dome) where the soft part of the dome meets the rim. In other words, where the thin part of the dome that is easily pressed down meets the thicker and more supportive rim of the disc.

The first time you use the power grip it will feel awkward. However if you play just 1 round with this grip, it will start to feel more natural, and you will start to see why it has been named the “Power Grip”. We recommend that you do not attempt to use this for the first time during a serious round. The best method to learn this is to go to an open field with a stack of discs so that you can practice without worrying about obstacles, or your score. If you’re too anxious to get on the course, then we recommend going out for a solo round so that you can concentrate on your new throwing style without distractions. Above all, do not become discouraged, as practice makes perfect.