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Today's One-Day Wonder!
Cannon Pinnacle
$11.69 38% OFF!


M1 300 Series M1 300 Series: The M1 by Prodigy Disc is an overstable midrange that will hold up in any type of wind. It fits nicely in the hand and will fly true into a headwind, which is something any type of player can use on a windy day.

The 300 Series plastic is an outstanding professional... More
$13.69 3 in stock in 1 color

M2 400 Series (Prototype M3 Marking) M2 400 Series (Prototype M3 Marking): The M2 by Prodigy Disc is a stable midrange with a reliable flight that is favored by all. The M2 has a classic midrange shape, with a rounded nose and concave beadless wing. This allows the disc to be a do-it-all course shredder, perfect for parking it right next the pin on... More $21.69 10 in stock in 2 colors