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TeeDevil - Blizzard Champion TeeDevil - Blizzard Champion: Ultra-light and devilishly sweet! The Blizzard TeeDevil is a high-speed and high-accuracy distance driver built for average to advanced throwers. According to Innova, the TeeDevil was designed to give the thrower huge distance along with complete control. The increased glide... More $14.69 2 in stock in 2 colors

TeeDevil STAR TeeDevil STAR: Oh snap -- STAR TeeDevil all up in regular production! If you put a good year's worth of love into a STAR Destroyer, it hits this magical zone where it does anything you ask. Too bad for all those beat up Destroyers, because the TeeDevil does that right outta the... More $17.69 5 in stock in 5 colors