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Nuke SS
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Nuke SS

Nuke SS Elite-Z - 1st Run Nuke SS Elite-Z - 1st Run: The Nuke SS is a modified version of the Nuke designed to fly less overstable. While the big boys who bomb Nukes already may find this a tailwind or roller driver, the main focus of the Nuke SS is lower-powered throwers. A little less arm speed should make the Nuke SS fly... More $39.99 15 in stock in 7 colors

Nuke SS Elite-Z Tie-dye Nuke SS Elite-Z Tie-dye: The original Nuke was released to wide critical acclaim, and the Elite-Z Nuke SS ("Super Straight") adds to that legacy with a touch of understability that allows lower-powered throwers to gain the sought-after Nuke distance. For experts, the Nuke SS will be more of a tailwind... More $17.69 1 in stock in 1 color