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Ape - Blizzard Champion Ape - Blizzard Champion: An Ape that most any player can throw at high speed! Innova's Blizzard Champion allows this ultra-fast disc to be made both durable and lightweight.

The Blizzard Champion Ape is a stable ultra-long disc golf driver from Innova. This super-fast driver is designed for... More
$14.69 12 in stock in 6 colors

Ape Champion Ape Champion: The Innova Ape is a super-long driver designed for power throwers. Similar to a Boss, with an ultra-wide rim, but with more stability. This disc is great for power backhands, flicks and drives into strong headwinds. The Champion plastic is etremely durable for a lifetime of... More $14.69 5 in stock in 4 colors