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PD2 ("Power Driver 2")
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PD2 ("Power Driver 2")

PD2 C-Line PD2 C-Line: The PD2 (Power Driver 2) is, as the name implies, a disc golf driver for hard-throwing players, flickers, or anyone throwing into a strong wind. The PD2 is a go-to disc for those shots where you need to give it your all, and know that the disc will hold that line.... More $15.69 3 in stock in 1 color

PD2 S-Line PD2 S-Line: The PD2 from Disc Mania is a disc golf power driver designed for hard-throwers or players fighting strong headwinds. This disc is best described as an Innova Xcaliber with a little more speed and stability. It is abnormally fast for the stability it offers. Targeted for the... More $17.69 3 in stock in 3 colors