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DD2 ("Distance Driver 2")
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DD2 ("Distance Driver 2")

DD2 Blizzard C-Line DD2 Blizzard C-Line: The Discmania DD2 is a super-long disc golf driver. This disc offers tremendous speed combined with good glide and great control! This disc is a hybrid of Innova’s Katana and Boss. You get the best of both in the DD2!

Blizzard C-Line is a new technological... More
$15.69 1 in stock in 1 color

DD2 C-Line DD2 C-Line: Disc Mania is setting the disc golf world on fire with some of their lastest discs. The DD2 is no exception, providing extreme speed, great glide and superb control. What more could you want in a driver? How about awesome durability! The Disc Mania C-Line plastic is super... More $15.69 2 in stock in 2 colors