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Surge SS
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Surge SS

Surge SS Elite-Z Surge SS Elite-Z: Controlled distance has a new name! The Surge SS is perfect for long bombs, yet still highly controllable for virtually all skill levels. Everyone will benefit from the extra glide the Surge SS delivers in calm to moderate wind conditions. Driver of choice for 2007 World... More $13.69 4 in stock in 2 colors

Surge SS Elite-Z Lite Surge SS Elite-Z Lite: The Surge SS Elite-Z is a fast and moderately overstable disc golf driver that provides excellent control and glide. This disc has a 1.6 stability rating, which makes it a hair less stable than its brother the Surge, making it a good driver for new players who are ready for a... More $13.69 15 in stock in 4 colors

Surge SS FLX ESP Surge SS FLX ESP: A max distance driver for players who don't have quite enough snap to maximize the original Surge's potential. The Super Straight Surge SS™ delivers all the glide that players have come to expect from a Surge,™ with a straighter edge to enhance controllability at slower... More $14.69 6 in stock in 3 colors