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Roadrunner Champion Glow Roadrunner Champion Glow: Champ Glow Roadrunner in regular productionů YES PLEASE! These sweeties never even showed up in CFR to our knowledge, and we all know what a line-bustin' freak the Roadrunner can be in stable plastic. Like the Roadrunner wasn't enough of a secret weapon to begin with, now it... More $17.69 2 in stock in 1 color

Roadrunner Echo Roadrunner Echo: The Roadrunner is a secret weapon in many Pro bags, due to its disc-defying flight capabilities. As a Speed 9 understable driver, it can be underpowered for straight flights, or fully juiced for booming turnover and roller shots. Tight fairways fear the 'Runner.

With... More
$16.69 8 in stock in 2 colors

Roadrunner GStar Roadrunner GStar: You've heard about the Coyote, now meet the Road Runner! Innova's STAR Roadrunner an excellent under-stable distance driver and is ideal for your first Distance Driver. It's made to fly straighter for beginners, while more experienced players will find it useful for turnover... More $17.69 10 in stock in 4 colors