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Polaris LS
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Polaris LS

Polaris LS Polaris LS: The Polaris LS is still the sport's best embodiment of distance and predictability. The LS will fly for miles downwind with a minimum of fade. In a crosswind it will hold its angle, and it will even keep its angle and speed into light and moderate headwinds. For an all-purpose... More $11.69 6 in stock in 3 colors

Polaris LS Quantum - (QPLS) Polaris LS Quantum - (QPLS): The QPLS is that magical disc that was, for so long, missing in the regular Millennium lineup. In Quantum plastic, this noob-friendly model becomes a stable beast, ready to take on an expert launch and stick it with precision. These are long if juiced up, and they have a... More $14.69 3 in stock in 3 colors

Polaris LS Sirius - 1st Run Polaris LS Sirius - 1st Run: The Polaris LS (Long Straight) is a classic high-accuracy driver from Millennium. For 2010, Millennium has upgraded this legend in their awesome high-durability Sirius plastic. The Sirius Polaris LS is designed for pinpoint accuracy off the tee, or for long precision... More $15.69 1 in stock in 1 color

Polaris LS Tie-Dye Polaris LS Tie-Dye: The same as the Polaris LS, but beautifully dyed.  The Polaris LS (Long Straight) is Millennium's best driver for overall precision, as well as a beginner-friendly flight. It is great for downwind drives, or for drives that need a pinpoint landing. Beginners will find it... More $15.69 7 in stock in 1 color