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No. 1 Slice
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No. 1 Slice

No. 1 Slice No. 1 Slice: This disc has a fast, slightly understable flight path. Lighter and mid-weights have the ability to hold a slice (or turnover.) Floats in water under 170g.

Lightning's affordable entry level plastic.

Max Weight (grams): 187.6 / Rim Width (cm): 1.4 More

$7.69 12 in stock in 3 colors

No. 1 Slice Glow No. 1 Slice Glow: The #1 Slice is a maximum distance under stable driver. It will hold any anhyzer line and can be turned into a roller. It is under stable at high speeds and over stable at low speeds. It is also very useful for hyzer-flip shots. Very good for beginners looking to maximize... More $9.69 20 in stock in 1 color

No. 1 Slice Glow - Halloween 2012 No. 1 Slice Glow - Halloween 2012: GLOW-in-the-DARK Chains for Brains! We love the bright, cloudy, creepy glow of Lightning plastic, and it has become a tradition for our Halloween stamps. The No.1 Slice is an all-purpose understable driver that makes a great gift for newer throwers, glow fanatics, and... More $9.69 18 in stock in 1 color