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Monster STAR Monster STAR: The Monster is our most stable, powerful, wind beating distance driver. It is made for people who can turn over other discs into a stiff headwind. The Monster can fight some of the fiercest winds out there. We have not tested it in hurricane force winds... yet. The Monster is... More $17.69 3 in stock in 2 colors

Monstrum Creamy - Prototype Stamp Monstrum Creamy - Prototype Stamp: The Monstrum is an overstable distance driver designed to hold long hyzers. You can rip it hard and trust it will fade everytime. This makes it a great backhand wind driver and a go-to forehand disc.

Creamy is the second plastic blend from UB Hand Candy. The Creamy... More
$17.69 30 in stock in 1 color