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Today's One-Day Wonder!
Valk DX 2nd
$4.69 41% OFF!


JLS JLS: The JLS started in the summer of 1999 as an experimental run of 2000 discs. Immediately players realized that this disc had reached a new level in driver technology. Incredibly, the JLS flies farther and straighter than even the legendary LS. And it's got an extra measure of... More $11.69 4 in stock in 1 color

JLS Tie-Dye JLS Tie-Dye: The Millennium long range driver with the infamous JBird dye technique.

The JLS is Millennium's classic long fairway driver, known for its super-straight flight and versatility. It will hold any angle you give it, and can react to over-power shots and windy situations... More
$15.69 3 in stock in 1 color