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Aurora MS
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Aurora MS

Aurora MS Sirius Aurora MS Sirius: The Sirius Aurora MS (Midrange Straight) is a very versatile multi-purpose disc for players of all abilities. The Sirius Aurora MS improves on the original Aurora MS (one of our favorite discs ever!) by providing incredible durability and great grip in cold and wet... More $15.69 4 in stock in 2 colors

QMS Quantum QMS Quantum: The QMS may be the truest flying disc ever made. It has no rollover, virtually no fade, and surprising distance for a midrange disc. All you have to do is control the angle and watch it make great right curve, left curve, or dead straight shots.

Millennium Quantum: It is all... More

$14.69 1 in stock in 1 color

QMS Quantum Tie-Dye QMS Quantum Tie-Dye: The QMS in a great tie-dye is sure to improve your score! It is a slightly overstable mid-range drive and approach disc. More $17.69 1 in stock in 1 color