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Accessories :: Mini Marker Discs :: Small Axe Puck (Firm) Mini Set
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Small Axe Puck (Firm) Mini Set

Small Axe Puck (Firm) Mini Set

Manufacturer: Small Axe Discs
Class: Mini Marker Discs

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Meet the Firm Puck, a unique stiff blend of plastic. This Puck has almost no flexbility or bend to it, giving it a signficantly firmer feel compared to the Medium and Soft Pucks.

The Small Axe Puck is a secure storage container formed by Small Axe's two interlocking mini disc models, the Ratchet Driver and Fat Bwai Putter. The discs lock together using a patent-pending design for a tight and secure fit that is unmatched, with a storage cavity approximately 3 3/8" around by 3/4" deep.

The Puck is water resistant for secure storage of anything you want to keep clean and dry. Despite the tight fit created by these two interlocking discs, the Puck opens easily by wedging the putter edge upward. Molded from buoyant food-grade plastic and snapped together with a water resistant seal, the discs individually float in water and the Puck set floats carrying all but the heaviest cargo.

The Ratchet is Small Axe's long-range mini driver. It weighs in at approx. 51g as the heaviest flying driver in mini disc golf and sports a super large 4 3/8" diameter. Its sharp wing design and large bead help lend stability for hard throws and windy conditions. Put some snap on the Ratchet for a nice controlled S-curve. The name Ratchet is Jamaican slang for a switchblade knife -- sharp and concealed, this fits the Ratchet Driver to a tee.

The Fat Bwai (pronounced Fat Boy) is Small Axe's putt and approach mini. This mini monster weighs in at approx. 54g as the heaviest flying mini ever made and sports a super large 4 3/8" diameter. It reflects the tall even-radius aerodynamic design favored by many disc golfers, and its heavy weight lends stability, wind resistance, and that drop to help range your shot. The Fat Bwai is a straight flyer out of the gate and holds a beefy line for those sneaky hyzer and anhyzer shots. The name Fat Bwai is Jamaican slang for a big jolly friend -- just what you want in a putter.

Small Axe is bringing disc culture to the mainstream with this innovative, fun, and utility-minded product. Makes a great gift or accessory for discers and soon-to-be discers alike!

Please Note: This item is one color-matched Puck set. Individual Ratchets and Fat Bwais are available with custom stamps for mix-and-match Pucks. Due to the inherent variability caused by plastic colorants, we recommend matching same-color Pucks to yield the best locking seal. Results may vary when mixing colors.


  • Puck consists of 2 interlocking mini discs
  • Small Axe Ratchet Driver
  • Small Axe Fat Bwai Putter
  • Secure water-resistant seal between discs leaves 3/4" storage cavity
  • Ratchet features "Power Axe" stamp
  • Fat Bwai features Small Axe logo stamp
  • Manufacturer:Small Axe Discs
    Manufacturer plastic type
    Parent Model:
    The "mold" for this disc

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    Initial Stability:
    Overstability with advanced/expert skill
    Newer players may experience up to 4x additional overstability
    How this disc behaves in the long run
    Ultra Resilient
    Great for retaining maximum overstability and rough terrain
    Wing Width:
    Rim Depth:
    Max Weight:
    Other names you may hear for this disc
    Small Axe Discs ,
    Small Axe Discs , Small Axe Discs
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