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DISCatcher Mini-size Disc Golf Basket
Small Axe Mini Disc Golf Basket and 4 Puck Bundle
Mini Disc Golf Basket or Disc Golf Trophy

Targets & Baskets :: Mini Disc Baskets :: Small Axe Mini Disc Golf Basket and 4 Puck Bundle
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Small Axe Mini Disc Golf Basket and 4 Puck Bundle

Small Axe Mini Disc Golf Basket and 4 Puck Bundle

Manufacturer: DGA
Class: Mini Disc Baskets

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The Small Axe Mini Basket and Puck Bundle is the perfect way to experience the joy, fun and excitement of mini disc golf along with the sport's hottest new mini discs! This awesome bundle features one (1) sharp-looking Gold all-metal DGA mini basket with a custom Small Axe vinyl sticker for the number plate, along with four (4) Small Axe Pucks. The Puck is comprised of two separate mini discs that lock together to form a secure storage compartment. The two mini discs are the Ratchet Mini Driver and the Fat Bwai Mini Putter (pronounced "Fat Boy"). These beefy and great flying minis will provide you with hours of indoor or outdoor fun, and with eight (8) separate Small Axe minis, you'll have no trouble getting the party started!

The Small Axe Mini discs are the heaviest on the market and mini disc enthusiasts have been very positive about the flight characteristics of the discs. In addition, the Fat Bwai and Ratchet each float in water individually and when assembled into a puck become super bouyant. Finally a mini basket and disc set that everyone will want to play with!

Please Note: Due to our ever-changing inventory we cannot guarantee the color of the Small Axe Mini Discs/Pucks and you likely will NOT receive the colors shown.


  • Basket Stands 29" Tall
  • Stylish Gold Finish
  • 4" Round Plate on Top with Small Axe Sticker
  • 12 Heavy-duty Chains
  • Four (4) Small Axe Pucks (8 discs total, 4 putters and 4 drivers)
  • Manufacturer:DGA
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    Initial Stability:
    Overstability with advanced/expert skill
    Newer players may experience up to 4x additional overstability
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    Ultra Resilient
    Great for retaining maximum overstability and rough terrain
    Wing Width:
    Rim Depth:
    Max Weight:
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    DGA , DGA
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