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Golf Discs :: Mid range :: Shark3 Champion
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Shark3 Champion

Shark3 Champion

Manufacturer: Innova
Class: Mid range

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The Shark3 is currently available in the following plastics...
Shark3 Champion ($14.69)
More/Less Overstable
The Champion Shark3 is a faster, sleeker version of the classic Innova Shark. It will be a straight-flying midrange in all conditions from fair to windy. Throw it flat and the Shark will cruise down the fairway before gently fading out. The Shark3 excels as a do-it-all midrange for players of all skill levels. It holds S-lines and straight shots better than just about every midrange not named the Roc.

"What's the 3?" - Innova's new "3" Series features a uniform midrange top for a consistent feel, and a more unified midrange lineup. The Roc3 and Shark3 molds were debuted in early 2013 with Innova's "Jolly Launcher" blend of Champion, featuring excellent grip and stunning glassy clarity (with reasonable variation in blend, of course).

The Shark3 is produced in the popular Champion plastic, the most durable blend offered by Innova.
Manufacturer plastic type
Parent Model:
The "mold" for this disc
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Initial Stability:
Overstability with advanced/expert skill
Newer players may experience up to 4x additional overstability
How this disc behaves in the long run
Ultra Resilient
Great for retaining maximum overstability and rough terrain
Diameter: 21.7 cm
Wing Width: 1.2 cm
Rim Depth: 1.3 cm
Max Weight: 180.1 g
Approved: 1/1/1989
Other names you may hear for this disc
Innova Shark3, Champion Shark3
Innova Champion Shark3, Innova Shark3 Champion
More Overstable
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Whippet(out of stock)
Viper(out of stock)
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Less Overstable
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