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Nuke OS Elite-Z - 1st Run
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Nuke Elite-Z - 1st Run
Nuke Elite-Z - 1st Run
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Golf Discs :: Collectible Discs :: Krait Star (Innova Halloween 2012)
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Krait Star (Innova Halloween 2012)

Krait Star (Innova Halloween 2012)

Manufacturer: Innova
Class: Collectible Discs

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The Krait is currently available in the following plastics...
Krait Champion ($14.69)
Krait Star (Innova... ($15.69)
Krait GStar (Paul McBeth... ($17.69)
More/Less Overstable
Spooky Halloween Pumpkin 2012 stamp from Innova on the exclusive STAR Krait! The Krait is designed to fit between the Wraith and Archon in stability, offering players another option for the "worn Wraith" flight. The Krait is a great choice for advancing players looking to add wide-open distance.

The Krait has not yet been made available in Star plastic for regular production. These spooky pumpkin stamps are a limited collectible in the long history of Innova's Halloween pumpkin stamps.
Manufacturer plastic type
Parent Model:
The "mold" for this disc
view other plastics or editions of this model
Initial Stability:
Overstability with advanced/expert skill
Newer players may experience up to 4x additional overstability
How this disc behaves in the long run
Normal Lifecyle
Will take on a gradual loss of stability over its lifespan
Diameter: 21.2 cm
Wing Width: 2.3 cm
Rim Depth: 1.2 cm
Max Weight: 176 g
Approved: 5/2/2012
Other names you may hear for this disc
Innova Krait, Star Krait
Innova Star Krait, Innova Krait Star