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Double NutSac Disc Golf Bag
Double NutSac Disc Golf Bag
Our price: $69.69
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Innova Camo Standard Disc Golf Bag (Two Tone)
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Bags :: Medium :: Double NutSac Disc Golf Bag
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Double NutSac Disc Golf Bag

Double NutSac Disc Golf Bag

Manufacturer: Disc Nation
Class: Medium

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Want more discs but still need to look cool? The Double NutSac is just for you.

1. How Many Discs do You Really Use? The NutSac disc golf bag perfectly holds up to 12 discs. Most players should use about 3 or 4 - a driver, midrange, and putter (and that extra driver for the one you just lost in the brambles). So now you've got room to carry your discs, and your little bambitas discs too.

2. Looks Great! Tired of carrying a disc golf bag that looks like a cheap insulated cooler? Yeah, us too. The NutSac looks so cool it is guaranteed to take strokes off your game.

3. 100% Canvas Duck. Made from tough as nails, heavy-duty canvas. Like your favorite Carhartts, this baby only looks better with age.

4. Low Profile and Light. We don't really play disc golf for exercise. We play to have a little fun with our friends. You'll be glad you aren't lugging around more bag and more discs than you need. You never need to take it off.

5. The Pocket. Lots of disc golf bags have pockets, but only the NutSac has one specially designed to fit your keys, cigs, and pipe. Obviously this makes it the only true disc golf bag.

6. Snaps and a beer holster! Nuff said.

7. Hack Your Sac! Since the NutSac is canvas, you can easily customize it with just a needle, thread, and some ingenuity. Sew on some patches or have it embroidered with your initials.

8. Made in America! Each and every Disc Golf Sac is hand made right here in Corvallis, Oregon with American Labor using 100% American Made canvas. You'll wear your NutSac with pride!

9. With a name like Nut Sac its got to be good!

What's not to love!


  • 10-12 Disc Capacity
  • Small Front Pocket
  • Beverage Holder
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Hand-Made in America
  • Made from Heavy Duty Canvas
  • Manufacturer:Disc Nation
    Manufacturer plastic type
    Parent Model:
    The "mold" for this disc

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    Initial Stability:
    Overstability with advanced/expert skill
    Newer players may experience up to 4x additional overstability
    How this disc behaves in the long run
    Ultra Resilient
    Great for retaining maximum overstability and rough terrain
    Wing Width:
    Rim Depth:
    Max Weight:
    Other names you may hear for this disc
    Disc Nation ,
    Disc Nation , Disc Nation
    More Overstable
    There appear to be no more-overstable models near this disc's speed range.
    Less Overstable
    There appear to be no less-overstable models near this disc's speed range.
    There appear to be no longer-flying models near this disc's stability range.
    There appear to be no shorter-flying models near this disc's stability range.