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25-inch Disc Golf Towel
25-inch Disc Golf Towel
Our price: $6.69
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Birdie Bag - Small
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Micro Fiber Towel (16 x 12)
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26-inch Discraft Logo Towel
26-inch Discraft Logo Towel
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26-inch Discraft Embroidered Towel

Accessories :: Towels :: 26-inch Discraft Embroidered Towel
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26-inch Discraft Embroidered Towel

26-inch Discraft Embroidered Towel

Manufacturer: Discraft
Class: Towels

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This great towel features a 4 Inch embroidered (stitched) Discraft logo on a 16 by 26 inch all-cotton, tri-fold, towel. This towel features a metal eye and hook that is fixed through all 3 layers of the tri-fold. This provides a wide area at the bottom of the towel (16 inches), with a tapered top, resulting in a more sleek profile when the towel is hanging on the bag. Show your enthusiasm for Discraft by dressing up your bag with this great towel!


  • 16 X 26 Inch Disc Golf Towel
  • Top of Towel is Permanently "Tri-Folded" with Grommet and Hook
  • 100% Cotton
  • Includes Metal Eye and Hook
  • Available in Several Colors
  • Manufacturer:Discraft
    Manufacturer plastic type
    Parent Model:
    The "mold" for this disc

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    Initial Stability:
    Overstability with advanced/expert skill
    Newer players may experience up to 4x additional overstability
    How this disc behaves in the long run
    Ultra Resilient
    Great for retaining maximum overstability and rough terrain
    Wing Width:
    Rim Depth:
    Max Weight:
    Other names you may hear for this disc
    Discraft ,
    Discraft , Discraft
    More Overstable
    There appear to be no more-overstable models near this disc's speed range.
    Less Overstable
    There appear to be no less-overstable models near this disc's speed range.
    There appear to be no longer-flying models near this disc's stability range.
    There appear to be no shorter-flying models near this disc's stability range.